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Caravan Maintenance, Service and Repair.

Here at Watling Engineers we provide a comprehensive service when it comes to maintaining, servicing and repairing your caravan. From our workshops located just south of St. Albans and within easy reach of Watford, Hemel Hempstead, Radlett, Borehamwood and Luton we have the facilities to take care of everything on your caravan from rewiring a bulb to replacing a front or side panel.

We have extensive experience with repairing fridges, water heaters and room heaters and replacement parts are either taken from stock or for the more unusual parts, ordered in by express delivery. We can also replace cracked or broken windows, sky lights and roof lights, dead leisure batteries, and we carry most common consumable items in stock.

Our General Service covers all the major working components on your caravan and includes checks on all of the following components:

Handbrake and coupling including breakaway wire and jockey wheel

Running Gear including wheels and tyres, bearings, brakes, hubs, cables and connectors

External 12v lighting

Internal 12v and 240v systems

Gas appliances including a gas leak check

Water system

Internal fixtures and fittings including a damp check

Our workshops are large enough to accommodate everything from the smallest day vans to large double axle tourers and all work is undertaken inside under cover from the elements.

Please give us a call to arrange your service today.


Hints and Tips


Caravans are often left standing for months (if not years!) at a time, and as such, people assume that general wear and tear does not accumulate as it does on other, more used vehicle types. There are however a number of things that regularly happen that can be easily avoided with a bit of care and attention.


Towbar with full width steel bumper on this autocruise Starfire


Locked Brakes

Much like the handbrake on your car, if you leave your caravan brake on over winter it has a habit of “welding” itself to the wheel hub. To avoid this, make sure that when your caravan is parked you chock the wheels and release the handbrake. We provide a full brake check and reset within our caravan general service.

Tyre Fatigue

Although you should check and replace your tyres regularly, they can become prematurely fatigued with consistent exposure to direct sunlight and resting in one position for long periods. This effect can be reduced by either covering the wheels or better still, removing them completely if being left for long periods. Watling Engineers makes universal Square Wheels that can be fitted instead of propping the axle up on bricks. They have the added benefit of making your caravan harder to steal!

Faulty Electrics.

Caravans have a habit of mysteriously developing electrical faults over winter and one of the many reasons for this is corrosion in the 12N and 12S plugs. Try to ensure that water is not able to pool in the plugs by having free drainage and clean contacts. Alternatively we provide a comprehensive 12v electric system check within our Caravan general service and stock a wide selection of electric parts and spares.

Joints and seals

When parked anywhere near trees, caravans seem to magnetically attract all the grime and detritus they can shed. If you attempt to wash this off with a pressure washer (much less tedious than a bucket and sponge) steer well clear of the aluminium joins and door/window seals. The pressure in the hose will easily strip the mastic out of the joints making your caravan leak like a sieve. If you do find that your caravan springs a leak, we are able to undertake most repairs where damage has occurred.


If there is even a tiny drain on a caravan leisure battery, over a period of time this will flatten and often deaden its charge. Ensure that when you leave the ‘van, everything is switched off. If you have an alarm fitted, charging the battery every month or so is a good idea. If you forget to do this however, we stock a range of batteries for caravans of all sizes.

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