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Bicycle Rack Diagram

Witter cycle carrier diagram.

Witter Cycle Racks

Here at Watling Engineers, we stock the full range of Witter cycle carriers. Designed to carry up to 65kg or 3-4 adult bikes (be carefull not to excede your towbars maximum permitted noseload) you can be sure there is a Witter cycle carrier for you.

* The number of cycles carried when towing is dependent on the length of trailer/caravan A frame, position of jockey wheel and brake handle, and size and the type of cycles



Bicycle rack with car

ZX108 with cranked support stand to allow for rear mounted spare wheel.


Don't forget your lighting board, number plate and tie down straps from our accessories shop!

Prices start from just £66.50 plus vat making the addition of a cycle carrier an economical proposal. The ZX89 pictured here has additional clamps for securing the bike frame to the rack.

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