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Japanese Imports


Japanese Imports with Towbar

Japanese Imports with Towbar

In the past 15 years, Watling Engineers Ltd has specialised in producing towbars for Japanese import vehicles and now has an unrivalled range of towbars to cater for this market. Although similar to UK versions, almost all imported vehicles differ in some way and so require a special design.

Our designs include everything from the Nissan Largo, Toyota Lucida, Nissan El Grand and Toyota Alphard to the Lexus Soarer and the Mitsubishi FTO Coupé.

If you can’t find your vehicle on our list, please give us a call as we are always interested in expanding our range and so can design you an individual towbar.

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American Imports

People have been bringing over cars from America almost since time began, and a little after that we started putting towbars on them. We have a range of towbars available for the most common ones we have seen over the years, so if the Pontiac Transam in the style of “Night Rider” is your thing or you have a Chevrolet Astrovan then we can help you out with a towbar.

Below is a sample selection of the things we can offer.

American Towbars, Trailer Hitches and Accesories
Fixed towbar for a Dodge Ram 1500   Hummer H2 bespoke detachable ball mount
American Towbars, Trailer Hitches and Accessories
Fixed towbar for Chevrolet Astrovan   Bespoke Cadillac Eldorado detachable bar


Swift Hitch Thumb

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American Towbars, Trailer Hitches and Accessories

For those vehicles that we do not actually manufacture a towbar for, we can source towbars, or as the Americans call them, Hitches, directly from the States. We can also get a range of accessories for your American hitches including receiver covers, fold down steps and lockable retaining pins.


Chevrolet Badge

Dodge Badge


Hummer Badge

Hitch Step

Here are some sample Hitch Covers, many more are available so please ask for details and prices. Fold down hitch steps are available with logos or blank

We source our products from many of the leading US towbar manufacturers including, but not limited to: Curt Manufacturing, Draw-tite, Hidden Hitch, and Towready.

Because the Americans organise their towbars slightly differently you will need the following items for your American vehicle:

1 - A Hitch - This is the main framework of the towbar and ends with a 2" or 1 1/4" receiver tube.
2 - A Ball Mount - This goes into the receiver and is used to attach the towball. Different styles are available
3 - A Towball - This can either be an American size (2" or 2 5/16") to be used with American trailers, or a UK 50mm ball to be used with UK trailers.
4 - Retaining Pin - This keeps your Ball Mount attached to your Hitch and is either 1/2" (12mm) or more commonly 5/8" (16mm). You can use either a standard nut and bolt for this or we stock chromed drop nose pins (see below) which look much better!

Hitch Group

A quick note about American Trailers and Towballs:- Due to the different construction and use regulations in place in the US and UK, American trailers often require modification to use on the public highway in the UK. Additionally, US 2" and 2 5/16" towballs are not Type Approved and should not be used in conjunction with Type Approved vehicles. They can however be used with non Type Approved vehicles which include all special import vehicles from Japan and America and UK commercial vehicles including all vans and pick-ups.

Information and Guidance on American trailers and towing

Here are a few links to some useful information regarding the use and adaptation of American trailers along with some information detailing the specific types of hitches available for American vehicles.

US Towbar Capacities - A pdf with a detailed description of each type of hitch from Class 1 to Class V

US Towbar Capacities 2 - A pdf with a schematic showing which vehicles are suitable for each hitch class

US Trailer Info Sheet - A pdf taken from the Department of Transport information sheet regarding American caravans and trailers

US wiring diagrams - A pdf sheet with the common wiring codes for American towing plugs and sockets

Having read and inwardly digested all of the above information, you will be pleased to know that Watling Engineers can supply all of the required items to help you get your trailer on the road. From electronic brake control units to 4 and 7-way electrical connectors (not the same as UK ones) and odd sized towballs, we keep most things in stock and can fit them here at our workshops. Please call to book an appointment.

Important note regarding American electrical connections - There is no such thing as an adaptor to go from an American vehicle with an American socket to a UK trailer with a UK plug. This is a question we get asked alot but it cannot be done due to the wiring differences between the two systems. If you have an American vehicle with a socket that is pre-wired, your best bet is to re-wire it with a UK compatible socket either 7 or 13 pin - we can do this for you, please call to book an appointment..

Adaptors for American Towballs and Accessories

Watling Engineers produce a number of adaptors which enable customers to use UK and European towbars with American towballs and accessories. These are as follows:

UKUS1 – Attaches behind a 2 bolt flange style towball
Max noseweight 150kg or towbar max
Not to be used for towing
Used for American bike racks, load carriers, specialist applications like Meyer Salt Spreading equipment.

UKUS1 - £55 plus VAT

Towball not included


UKUS2 – Attaches to a 2 bolt flange style towbar and will accept either a 1 7/8”, 2” or 2 5/16” towball
Please note: this product is not Type Approved

UKUS2 - £35.50 plus VAT

Towball not included


UKUS3 – Attaches to a swan neck towbar and is used as an American 2” receiver.
Max noseweight 150kg or towbar max
Not to be used for towing
Used for American bike racks, load carriers, specialist applications like Meyer Salt Spreading equipment.

UKUS3 - £75 plus VAT - Towball not included



American 1 7/8", 2" and 2 5/16" towballs

We can supply 1 7/8 inch, 2 inch and 2 5/16th inch American towballs and have adaptors so that they can be used with a standard 2 bolt hitch mounting.


front push towbar boat launch with high vmaneouvrability

American 2" towball

US Towbar Adapter

American 2 5/16th inch towball and UKUS2

Front push towbar, 4x4 boat launch

American 2 5/16th inch towball and UKUS2


American Receiver Hitches

Alternatively, some vehicles come over with square towbar receiver tubes already attached to the chassis. Although there is no common standard for the sizes and relative positions of the receiver hole, its cross bolt hole and its height from the ground, we produce 3 different towball mounts as off the shelf items.

All of these items will fit standard 2 inch receiver tubes. Distance from securing pin hole to towball mount or reinforcement is 65mm

USUK50 - £45 plus VAT
USUK100 - £50 plus VAT
USUK150 - £55 plus VAT


If none of these are suitable, we can also make up bespoke detachable sections to fit your receiver hitch. These are priced at £60+VAT and are engineered to be at the correct height for UK trailers and caravans. Some sample photos are below along with our measurement form.


Detachable fittings
American receiver towbar & USUK50 American receiver & USUK50 detached Quick release drop nose pins for securing your towball mount

Please fill in the appropriate dimensions on the following form so that we can make the correct part for your vehicle.

American Receiver Hitch Order Form

To help us make the correct part for your towing bracket please fill in the dimensions below.

Towbar Diagram for Import Mounting

* = required fields.

Vehicle Details:
A. Ground to the centre of the receiver tube in mm:*       
B. Front end of receiver tube to bolt hole in mm:*
C. Bolt hole to the rear end of the receiver tube in mm:*
D .Rear end of receiver tube to rear of bumper in mm:*
E. Inside dimension of the receiver tube in mm:*
F. Diameter of the pin / bolt hole in mm:*
G.Required height of the ball centre from the ground in mm:      
Do you require the ISO 50mm Tow Ball and cover at £8.50 + vat?
I require:  Drop nose pin (£10+vat) Nut & Bolt fixing for the Receiver
Phone: Country:
Address: Message:


A 200 mph+ Dodge Viper having a detachable towbar fitted.
To be used for towing a trailer full of spare wheels and as the anchor point for the parachute brakes.

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