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Watling Towing Brackets for Motorhomes with Alko Chassis and other reinforced chassis extensions.

Type Approved 94/20EC Motorhome Towbars are now available from Watling Engineers. Please click here for further details.

Our Al-Ko chassis motorhome tow bars are designed around specific mounting points on the Al ko chassis and are based on years of experience with all types of motorhome. The unique Watling design offers a detachable towball which is compatible with our own Motorack scooter carrier as well as all trailers and towbar mounted cycle racks.

With prices starting from just £250 plus vat (£300 inc. vat) it offers an affordable solution to your towing needs.

Please click here for a link to our motorhome and Alko towbar pricelist

As the relative positions of the mounting points differs between each vehicle, we employ a modular towbar system which, based on measurements given to us by the customer, enables us to tailor each towbar precisely to the vehicle that it is intended for.

Unlike some towbar manufacturers, we do as much as we can to minimise the impact of the towbar on the look of your vehicle. This is achieved by hiding as much of the framework as possible underneath your motorhome. Opposite and below are some examples of our recent work.

Autosleeper Windsor Motorhome

Burstner motorhome with Alko style towbar

Autosleeper Polensa Motorhome

The detachable nature of our Alko chassis towbars keep the clean lines of your motorhome. Example 1

Autosleeper Amethyst Motorhome

The detachable nature of our Alko chassis towbars keep the clean lines of your motorhome. Example 2

Vehicles suitable for a Watling Alko towbar

There is a huge range of vehicles on the market that have either a complete Alko chassis, or a reinforced Alko or SMV chassis extension. To list them all here would be an impossible task. However, below are some guidelines that will help you identify the chassis that your motorhome is built on, and therefore establish if this system is for you. Many individual vehicles are listed in our price list.

Full Alko Chassis
A chassis cab where the original box section chassis has been cut off at the drivers cab and replaced with a galvanised channel chassis (usually with large holes stamped into it) from the drivers cab to near the rear of the body. A failsafe method of determining this chassis is to look at the rear suspension. All full Alko chassis replace the original leaf spring suspension with a torsion bar system. So, if your vehicle still has rear leaf springs, then you do not have a full Alko chassis. A large number of Motorhome builders use the Alko chassis base for part of their range and some of the more common ones are as follows:

Autocruise, Autotrail, Bessacarr, Burstner, Dethleffs, Hymer, Knaus, KonTiki, Laika, Niesman&Bischoff, Pilote and Rapido.

Reinforced Alko and SMV chassis extensions
These are becoming more common on many brands of motorhomes. In this case the original Ducatto, Boxer or Transit chassis is kept and the leaf springs remain, but a reinforced or heavy duty chassis extension is bolted on. By and large, this type of extension is only available on motorhomes manufactured from 2007 onwards. Reinforced Alko extensions are found on all Swift Group motorhomes from 2007 (new shape Ducatto/Boxer cab), and on Autocruise vehicles from 2009 onwards. SMV chassis extensions are used on a variety of makes and models, seemingly with no pattern, and so should be treated on an individual basis. They are often recognised by a plate or sticker on the galvanised section with the SMV logo on it.

Watling Motorhome Dimensions form

The sketch below will help you to get the correct measurements which will help us manufacture the correct towbar for your Alko chassis motorhome. Please fill in the relevant dimensions so that we can do the relevant calculations.

Alko Dimensions Diagram

Alko Chassis Dimensions

Vehicle Make: Model:        Year:   
Width of chassis, circle as appropriate: A= mm
Level ground to bolt holes: B= mm
Hole centres (if different please call and advise us):
Rear hole to rear of chassis:
Rear of chassis cross member to edge of valance: D= mm
Edge of valance to rear of bumper:
E= mm
Level ground to bottom of valance: F= mm


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