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Watling Engineer Fitting a Towbar

Our towbar fitters are carefully trained and experienced at working on all types of vehicles from cherished classics to complex modern cars, vans, motorhomes and commercial vehicles.

Conveniently located close to St. Albans, Watford and Hemel Hempstead in Hertfordshire, just on the outskirts of London, we fit tow bars from our own extensive range of WATLING designs and also from the comprehensive lists of the WITTER, BRINK, PCT, BOSAL and WESTFALIA towbar ranges, giving you a wide selection of choice covering virtually every vehicle that is permitted to tow. Towbars are fitted to manufacturers nominated mounting points or, for the special designs, to carefully selected strong points on the chassis. All bolts used are high tensile grade 8.8 and torqued to the recommended tension.
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When choosing a tow bar, there are a number of considerations to take into account, and these include the type of towball attachment and whether or not you require it to be detachable.

There are 2 basic types of towball, which are the 2 bolt flange type and the swan neck. Both of these can be detachable but have different visual impacts and additional uses. For example, the 2 bolt flange type can be used for many more additional products such as cycle carriers, stabilisers and bumper protectors, but the swan neck offers cleaner lines and is more compatible with Al-Ko style caravan couplings. Be sure to specify your preferences before ordering and we will do what we can to find the right towbar for you.

Type Approval and European Law 94/20EC

Most passenger cars registered after 1st August 1998 (S registration) must be fitted with a Type Approved towbar. These cars have an “e” mark on the VIN plate together with the maximum car and trailer mass. If the trailer mass is not specified then the car is not permitted to tow a trailer, however it may still be fitted with a support bracket to fit a cycle or motorbike carrier.

European regulations were introduced on 1st August 1998 to harmonise the testing and approval of towbars throughout the EU. The regulations apply to all passenger vehicles registered from 1st August 1998 (S registration) which have to have an "e" mark and its maximum vehicle and trailer masses stamped on a plate. The vehicle manufacturer has to nominate the mounting points for the towbar and the towbar manufacturer has to design to fit to these only. The towbar (not the vehicle or the trailer attached to it) is then tested on a jig, to a formula to ensure it is strong enough to pass the test.

Here at Watling Engineers we fully comply with these regulations and where required we fit EU Type Approved towbars.

These regulations DO NOT APPLY to the following vehicles:
Commercial Vehicles (ie. pick-ups, chassis cabs, vans etc.), Motorhomes, Special Imports (ie. from Japan or America), Front towbars and other cars that are not “e” marked.