Over 60 Years Experience with Towing Brackets and Trailers

Unusual Requests for Watling Towbars.


Towbar being attached to Viper US imported car
Towbar being fitted to luxury coach
Towbar fitting to a US Army Fire truck
Rolls Royce

Towbars – they’re not sexy, but they are really useful. Over the years we have helped out many people for many reasons, and here are some of the more unusual requests we have been able to assist with.

The owner of a Dodge Viper capable of over 200mph asked us to fit a towbar to the back so that they could take a trailer full of spare tyres to the race meetings. Not so bad you might think, but it also needed to be strong enough to act as the anchor point for the parachute brakes to assist with slowing the car down after the drag strip runs! (See the car in our workshops on the Imports page)

The owner of a bus recovery firm wanted a tow-pole attachment made for his “Tow-Bus”. It needed to be able to withstand the combined forces of two 40-seater busses being used at normal road speeds.

An executive coach company asked us to design and fit a detachable towbar for their most prestigious coach. Although almost 30 feet long the coach seated only 8 people in the utmost luxury and was used for golfing tours. The towbar was to be used to tow a trailer designed specifically to hold the golf bags! (See the coach on our Commercial vehicles page)

A Rolls Royce owner wanted one of our towbars so that he could tow his classic racing Bugatti to meetings all over the country.

We have done many towbars for motorbikes, but perhaps none more unusual than the gentleman who wanted to tow a coffin behind his bike so that he could perform the funeral cortege for deceased bikers!

The U.S. Air Force asked us to design several towbars for their air base fire engines up in Thetford so that they could tow trailers full of extra foam or water to their emergencies.

And finally, as our name and expertise has become known further afield we have had people drive their vehicles from as far away as Germany (a motorhome that nobody else could fit a towbar to), Spain (a large Mercedes Truck which only our towbar would fit to) and Holland (a very old and rare Jensen Interceptor).

As you can see, we enjoy a challenge, and so if you have any other specific towing needs that no one has been able to help you with, please give us a call.


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